Kärcher - redesign concept

I decided to give it a try and create my version of the Kärcher logo — The last redesign of the logo was done in 2015. Here a new font was used (FF Clan Pro), which also serves as the corporate font. I wanted to keep the font and actually only increased the spacing between K and Ä. With the redesign, the symbol was also removed, but it is still partially used. Therefore I wanted to rework this symbol and include it in the logo again.

Kärcher - redesign concept: Billboard Mockup

Kärcher redesign concept

The problem

Due to the format of the logo it is not really versatile. Nowadays, a logo should also be used well and effectively in social media (profile pictures, app icon). The text-only logo is set apart from the background by its yellow surface, but in a monochrome environment it can easily be lost next to other logos.

The solution

A strong and memorable symbol, which can be recognized as Kärcher even without text.

Therefore I wanted to take the symbol from the old Kärcher logo in a modernized and simplified form.

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