Daniel Rotter - NFT Artist

When I discovered the NFT scene in March 2021, I was immediately hooked and started to design freely again for the first time in a long time. Quickly the first isometric works were created, all works are created entirely with vectors. With the help of colors, lines and gradients I give the isometric blocks depth and the feeling of three-dimensionality.

All work was created with Affinity Designer and can be scaled to any size if desired.

My work is currently available on the following platforms:

Isometric Blocks


To create the isometric blocks and give them a feeling of 3D without using any 3D Software, several steps are needed.

In the following I would like to describe my procedure roughly so that you get an idea of my process.


The first step is to create the shapes that will serve as the basis. Here I use the isometric grid that Affinity Designer provides. The arrangement of the shapes should be reasonably realistic and I make sure that areas of the same color do not touch.


The second step is the so-called highlights, which are not visible at first glance, but are important for the effect. All edges that are exposed to light get a light line (reflection) and the edges that are not exposed to light get a dark line.


In the third step, three-dimensionality slowly comes into play. With the help of gradients from white to transparent, the incidence of light is suggested.


Where there is light, there is also shadow. In the next step, the sides facing away from the light are given a dark gradient.


Last but not least, the so-called drop shadow is used, which makes the 3D illusion perfect.

Isometric blocks